We grow law firms and accelerate attorney careers.

If one plus one doesn’t equal three, what’s the point?

As a boutique attorney search consultancy, we create growth in law firms and are career catalysts for partner-level attorneys in Washington, DC. As industry leaders in the field of executive search, our core competency is to (1) engage partner-level attorney prospects, (2) recruit them by focusing on a mutual satisfaction of needs, (3) facilitate the interview and offer process, and (4) monitor the transition process.

Why Us?

Our Expertise and Approach.

We are experts at recruiting exceptional partners, that’s it. Our small size and personable approach keeps us from seeming like a ‘lawyer mill’ and makes our process more engaging and inviting. Because we are a single site boutique firm, the candidates know their information isn’t shared in a database where they might fear a breach of confidentiality. They feel safe enough with us to take a peek at your opportunity. And sometimes that small peek can result in a big move for them.

We are in high-level sales.
Our core competency is to develop authentic relationships with prospective candidates and effectively sell them on your opportunity. We capture the attention of star partner level candidates, earn their trust, build an authentic relationship, and move them forward in the process, one small step at a time.

We are tenacious.
Tenacity. Resilience. Persistence. That matters more than anything in a recruitment consultancy. We are able to give complete coverage to our assignments without coming across as pushy or unctuous headhunters.

 Candidate Relationships

We are career catalysts.
As partner-level attorney recruiters, we make sure that everyone’s needs are met, even the needs of your clients. We will only place you at a firm that gives you long-term sustainable value on multiple levels. We create synergy in your practice, your career, your life.

 Client Relationships

As an attorney search consultancy,
we grow and develop legal organizations by recruiting and placing good lawyers. But our expertise doesn’t end there. In addition to nearly nineteen years of recruitment experience, our founder, Scott Love, is an expert on leadership and organizational development. As a professional speaker, Scott is frequently invited to keynote at conventions and conduct in-house training to help grow organizations.